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Abyssinian gluten free restaurant in Wakefield, near Leeds

The friendly team here at Corarima welcome you to join us in our vegan friendly gluten free restaurant in Wakefield, and sample the sensational flavours of Abyssinian cuisine – lovingly prepared by Ethiopian and Eritrean chefs who know how to conjure up the authentic taste of Abyssinia.

Our modern décor is complemented by beautiful touches of Abyssinian art, creating a warm and inviting environment where you can share and explore a new style of food with family and friends.

The true taste of Africa...

Abyssinia cuisine at its best

Gluten free food


A tangy gluten and sugar free leavened pancake, injera is used instead of a plate for serving, and instead of cutlery for grabbing and eating!

Vegetarian Tsebhi Stew


This Abyssinian classic is usually served as a vegetarian or vegan stew, but it is also served in other dishes. Here at Corarima, we offer vegetarian or vegan option.

Coffee Arabica


In Abyssinian culture, coffee ceremonies are an integral part of social life and a mark of respect – share our special blend with friends.



The grain we use for our food is gluten and sugar free

The beauty of Abyssinian cookery is that anyone can enjoy it. We only use low carb grains, our entire menu is gluten free, and the majority of our food is – or can be made as – vegetarian or vegan.

Our injera is made from teff (with a little rice and millet) which, as a ‘superfood’, is packed full of health-boosting benefits. It’s sugar-free, high in calcium, iron, protein, fibre and folic acid, and is widely recognised as being the best alternative to wheat to make gluten free breads.

So at Corarima, you get a gluten free, healthy vegetarian restaurant all rolled into one!

Vegetarian restaurant near me
Vegetarian restaurant in Wakefield

Corarima – your local African restaurant

Traditional Eritrean & Ethiopian Food

Our love of Abyssinian cuisine is embedded in our roots, but we developed our passion for creating authentic dishes through our extensive catering experience for friends and family.

The exquisite flavours that run through our menu are warm, spicy, smoky and delightfully distinctive. Our berbere spice mix contains many lesser-known Ethiopian spices, such as corarima, garlic, ginger, basil, rue, ajwain, nigella, fenugreek and chilli peppers – we aim for a level of heat that caters for all palette, but we’re happy to turn the chilli levels up or down at your request!

We also serve natural and herbal drinks that complement our wonderful vegetarian, gluten free Abyssinian food.

Yorkshire Post Review


We would like to thank all of our friends and customers for allowing us to serve you and it is an absolute delight to share with you the best of Abyssinian cuisine. It has been two years since we open our door for business and we love every day of it and we would like to thank everyone that makes this journey enjoyable. Corarima LTD

ኮረሪማ – የጣዕም መገኛ ነጩን ጥቁር ሳትል ሁሉን አቅፋ ይዛ ጣዕም ያላችውን ምግብ አዘጋጅታ ትጠብቆታለች – ኮረሪማ – ገብተው ውበት ያደንቃሉ፡ በመስተንግዷቸው ረክተው ይወጣሉ፡ አፎ ብቻ ሳይሆን አይኖንም መግበው ባህልና ወጉን የዕቃ አቀማመጡን አይተው ያደንቃሉ፡ አንዴ ከቀመሱት ዘመድ አዝማድ ይዘው ደግመው ይመጣሉ።… በደንነሽ ሩፋ

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